How to Add Image Optimization to WordPress with Image CDN Plugin

Bethany Libus
April 22nd, 2021


Simplify WordPress Image Optimization Using the Image CDN Plugin

Deploying ImageEngine is made easier by using ImageEngine's Image CDN plugin. The ImageEngine Image CDN plugin gives WordPress users control over using a CDN and directs traffic to ImageEngine after you insert the ImageEngine Delivery Address,

Once installed and configured as shown below, ImageEngine can dynamically pull the original images in WordPress and optimize the images for specific device models. This arrangement reduces image payload by up to 80% and dramatically improves page load time.

How ImageEngine Works Jul 2021-01

1. Sign up for an ImageEngine Account

You can sign up for a free trial here

Buttons Start Free Trial

2. Input your Delivery Address URL to the Plugin

When you sign up for a trial account, at the end of the account creation, you will receive your Delivery Address. It should look like

At the settings for the ImageEngine Image CDN plug in should look like this:

Wordpress Plugin Configuration Screenshot

Paste your ImageEngine Delivery Address into the box provided.

3. Check the box to enable ImageEngine

4. Test the Configuration

Ensure that the "enabled" checkbox is marked, and then click the “Test Configuration” button. This will verify that the provided delivery address is able to serve images using the origin coupled with the provided delivery address. If the test failed, please verify your delivery address, then check your engine settings within your ImageEngine account.

5. Save the settings!

Click “Save Changes” and verify that your site is serving images through the delivery address. You can do this by “view source” or “inspect element” and verify that the IMG elements have an SRC attribute referencing the delivery address.

That’s all. If you have any issues or questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer success specialist, Jonathan.