ImageEngine Outperforms Imgix

ImageEngine outperforms imgix with 74% smaller image payload and 22% faster loading. ImageEngine does this by:

  • Automatic device-aware image optimization
  • Auto WebP, JPEG 2000 and MP4 conversion
  • Global CDN built-in
  • Directive controls for image manipulation

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ImageEngine vs. imgix Image Payload Savings

ImageEngine reduces image payload by more than imgix. It results in page loading that is faster by seconds.

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Global CDN Included with ImageEngine

ImageEngine is a fully automatic image CDN. ImageEngine will automatically optimize the original image, then deliver/cache from a CDN. imgix includes CDN delivery in its plans. However, imgix does not have mobile device detection on its edge servers. Device-awareness is critical for more effective image optimization

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Mobile Device Detection only from ImageEngine

Mobile device detection is the key to ImageEngine’s industry-leading image optimization. In addition to Client Hints support, ImageEngine has device detection on its edge servers instantly recognizing hundreds of important aspects of a requesting device. imgix has no proactive device detection driving image optimization, only Client Hints when available.

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ImageEngine Keeps Your Pricing Simple

imgix’s pricing is complex and charges for each image in you origin domain, regardless if it is delivered once or many times. As your library grows, imgix cost grows. Additional charges also come from custom domain SSL and analytics. Instead, with ImageEngine, you save money with affordable plans that charge only for the optimized image payload GBs delivered.

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