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With our WordPress plugin, you can automatically optimize all the images on your site by up to 80%. ImageEngine is the industry's most effective solution because it optimizes original images specifically for the requesting device, operating system, browser, screen size, DPR, and most efficient file format. Then, it delivers images via our content delivery network (CDN). Discover how ImageEngine will improve SEO, your Core Web Vitals score, and increase revenue conversion on your website.

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Device Detection

Device detection is an image CDN’s first and most critical step. It detects the requesting device model and all capabilities that impact image size and quality. This includes operating system version, screen pixel density, screen resolution, and support for next-generation image and video file formats.

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Image Optimization

An image CDN will leverage the device detection parameters to automatically resize, compress and convert large original images into optimized images with next-generation file formats. These optimized images are tailored specifically to a requesting device. Frequently, an image CDN will reduce the image payload by up to 80%.

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Global Content Delivery Network (CDN)

An image CDN has edge servers strategically positioned around the globe. These edge servers detect devices and cache optimized images. When a similar device requests an image again, the image CDN responds immediately with the already-cached optimized image. By pushing optimized images closer to requesting customers with logic to deliver immediately from cache, an image CDN can often provide a 50% faster web page download time.

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How to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

WordPress Image Optimizer Plugin FAQs

ImageEngine provides a simple-to-use WordPress plugin for anyone looking to make their WordPress website faster. Just sign up for a free trial, enter your personalized Delivery Address into the plugin, and voila! All the images on your website will be optimized and delivered via our CDN.

Your WordPress site will be faster in no time with little to no experience needed. Follow our documentation or blog for 4 step instructions on how to serve compressed images on your site.

WordPress is a free online content management tool for websites with many capabilities including dynamic image plugins like Image CDN to help users deliver and bulk optimize images. Marketing professionals can use WordPress to serve images on your site at a compressed rate with the Image CDN plugin without ever having to ask the IT department for help to install while saving them development time and content delivery network costs. WordPress is a content management system (CMS) tool of high regard and is easy to customize and edit from the media library to the non-HTML copy editor pages.

ImageEngine’s Image CDN plugin accelerates your WordPress or WooCommerce performance by compressing large images, converting them to JPEG2000, AVIF, or WebP formats and delivering them through the ImageEngine content delivery network. The result is smaller image payload, faster page loading, improved Google PageSpeed Insights scores (Speed Index, Largest Contentful Paint, Time to Interactive), and a better user experience leading to more conversions or sales. To use this plugin with the ImageEngine Optimizer CDN, get a free trial account here.

  • ImageEngine delivers the fastest webpages and customer experience. Our payload reduction on average beats everyone, try us to believe us.

  • Most Effective for Price: works on all devices and pay only for Smart Bytes (optimized payload), we pass the savings on to you.

  • Simplicity: Set it and forget it, onboarding support, a WordPress plugin and more!

  • Support: We don’t leave you high and dry, onboarding support & customer success team with a tiered 24/7 support.

  • Innovation: We support GIFs, AVIF, and WebP formats and we are constantly improving our product (ImageEngine 2.0)

  • Security: SSL certificates

  • We are 30% faster than other CDNs with 49% more efficient image payload optimization and device-aware edge servers.

  • Faster Page Load: Reducing image payload from large images on your site improves web performance, user experience, SEO, and conversion rate.

  • 80% Less Image Data: Optimize your images exactly to the devices OS, browser, and screen PPI while maintaining quality.

  • Efficient Cache Hit Rate: Serve optimized images directly from device-aware edge servers around the globe. Reduce latency.

  • Superior image quality and compression for mobile

  • Fully automatic image optimization

  • Real-time WebP, JPEG2000 and MP4 conversion

  • Up to 50% faster page load

  • Start your free trial today, no credit card required. See how easy it is to integrate your website with ImageEngine.

Our WordPress plugin rewrites your image URLs to include the ImageEngine Delivery Address you recieve when you sign up for an ImageEngine account. This rewrite will allow ImageEngine to access your original images, instantly optimize and convert them, and deliver via the ImageEngine CDN. After configuring and enabling the plug in, optimized image files are delivered this way:

  • When a visitor requests an image, ImageEngine CDN servers use client hints or device detection to identify the requesting devices and browser characteristics.
  • Based on the browser characteristics, ImageEngine will resize, compress and convert image files to JPEG 2000, AVIF, or WebP formats.
  • The optimized image file is delivered from the nearest ImageEngine CDN region. Subsequent requests are served instantly with WebP, JPEG 2000, or AVIF images and stored on ImageEngine’s global CDN.

Other static content like fonts, CSS and JavaScript are also optimized by applying Brotli or gzip compression which dramatically reduces that size of heavy WordPress themes.

  • Delivers optimized WebP, JPEG 2000, or AVIF images 30% faster than other CDNs or Digital Asset Management platforms.

  • Achieves up to 80% image payload reduction with no perceptible change in quality.

  • Simple to install. Easy to test your configuration before enabling it. No need to move or upload images.

  • Only CDN with true device-aware edge servers to drive superior, fine-tuned image optimization.

  • Automatic image optimization of JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG, BMP, TIFF into next-generation formats like WebP, JPEG 2000, AVIF, Animated WebP, or MP4. You can also safely serve non-image content like CSS, Javascript, Fonts and any other files through ImageEngine and they will be served using the cutting-edge Brotli compression, decreasing Total Blocking Time and Time to Interactive.

  • Delivers via its scalable global CDN network, with support for HTTPS, HTTP/2, WAF, and DDoS protection.

  • Maximize web performance by automatically serving optimized WebP, JPEG 2000, or AVIF images from a CDN

  • Set the WordPress directories that should be included

  • Custom filters “image_cdn_url” and “image_cdn_html” included

  • Define excluded directories or extensions

  • Enable or disable HTTPS support

  • Turn on or off quickly without deactivating the plugin

  • Test the CDN integration before saving your changes to make sure it will work properly

  • Supports ImageEngine Directives. Users of ImageEngine can also configure the Directives for their assets to control image quality, automatic format conversion and automatic image file resizing

  • Compatible with the WordPress Cache Enabler plugin

  • Compatible with WooCommerce, Gutenberg, Elementor, WPBakery / Visual Composer, Oxygen Builder, Divi and other popular page builders

  • PHP >=5.6

  • WordPress >=4.6

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